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Welcome to the favorite meeting place for true Sudoku addicts. Here you can find Daily Nightmares, Weekly Assassins, Jigsaw Killers, Clueless Specials, X-Files, Windokus, loads of Freeware and various solving guides. Discuss your addiction on the forum. For regular Sudoku, Sudoku-X, Windoku and DG, check out the free SudoCue program. For irregular Sudoku variations, including Killer Sudoku and Jigsaw Sudoku, use SumoCue.
For the HaniDoku variation, use HaniCue.
Feel free to roam around this site. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at the Most Wanted list.


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This site is privately maintained by me, Ruud. I invest a lot of time in keeping it up to date, improving the freeware programs and making sure that a constant supply of interesting sudokus and variants is at your fingertips. I have to pay a hosting provider for keeping and related sites up and running. Several people have already made a donation. I would like to thank them for their support. Click the money bag in the navigation bar if you also wish to support this website. Choose whatever amount you can spare. Any donation, no matter how small, is highly appreciated. Thanks for your support.

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I have a vast archive of high quality Sudokus, Sudoku-X, Killer Sudokus, Jigsaw Sudokus, Jigsaw Killer Sudokus, Windokus (NRC variant), Clueless Specials, Hanidokus and Sukakus. My puzzles are featured in many publications, including The Daily Telegraph. It is possible to create exclusive series for your publications. Please use the contact form if you need puzzles.

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