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For each correct Clueless Explosion, you earn 1 point.
Note: To enable new players to catch up with the regulars, only the last 26 Clueless Explosions will included in the score.

The new Clueless Explosion is available at 10:00 GMT each Thursday.
Made an error? Read the submission rules at the bottom of the page.

85February 21(26 entries)
84February 14(26 entries)
83February 7(25 entries)
82January 31(29 entries)
81January 24(26 entries)
80January 17(27 entries)
79January 10(30 entries)
78January 3(30 entries)
77December 27(26 entries)
76December 20(28 entries)
1Dec 20, 12:23GemmaNetherlandsCorrect
2Dec 20, 12:26Julie StuckmeyerUSACorrect
3Dec 20, 12:31Børge T. AnderssenNorwayCorrect
4Dec 20, 12:37NouggieUSACorrect
5Dec 20, 12:40Byron OkamotoUSACorrect
6Dec 20, 13:00slowhandBrazilCorrect
7Dec 20, 13:13Brian RotherySwedenCorrect
8Dec 20, 13:23PeteTyUSACorrect
9Dec 20, 13:55Tomas KollenUSACorrect
10Dec 20, 15:02SusanUSACorrect
11Dec 20, 15:55Don ParkerUSACorrect
12Dec 20, 17:22Hans SchmittenGermanyCorrect
13Dec 20, 18:22sarahUSACorrect
14Dec 20, 18:46sheilaUSACorrect
15Dec 20, 20:05Pierre-Hugues CarmichaelCanadaCorrect
16Dec 20, 20:33Ron CainUSACorrect
17Dec 20, 22:11Susan WarnerSwedenCorrect
18Dec 20, 22:50Jason McNaryUSACorrect
19Dec 20, 23:56NasenbaerGermanyCorrect
20Dec 21, 01:47jsmifUSACorrect
21Dec 21, 02:03lynn893CanadaCorrect
22Dec 21, 16:53Ria TettelaarNetherlandsCorrect
23Dec 21, 22:26Robin CutlerUSACorrect
24Dec 22, 05:15Neil SinclairCanadaCorrect
25Dec 22, 19:50Yuri JoubertGermanyCorrect
26Dec 23, 19:31MARLIENetherlandsCorrect
27Dec 24, 13:50KhunangkaroThailand-NederlandCorrect
28Dec 27, 11:16OscarMéxicoCorrect
75December 13(27 entries)
74December 6(33 entries)
73November 29(33 entries)
72November 22(33 entries)
71November 15(31 entries)
70November 8(32 entries)
69November 1(33 entries)
68October 25(34 entries)
67October 18(33 entries)
66October 11(32 entries)
65October 4(31 entries)
64September 27(31 entries)
63September 20(27 entries)
62September 13(32 entries)
61September 6(32 entries)
60August 30(26 entries)
1Gold medal holderNouggieUSA26
2Gold medal holderPeteTyUSA26
3Gold medal holderBrian RotherySweden26
4Gold medal holderByron OkamotoUSA26
5Gold medal holderTomas KollenUSA26
6Gold medal holderslowhandBrazil26
7Gold medal holderDon ParkerUSA26
8Gold medal holderBørge T. AnderssenNorway26
9Gold medal holderlynn893Canada26
10Gold medal holderHans SchmittenGermany26
11Gold medal holderSusanUSA26
12Gold medal holderSusan WarnerSweden26
13Gold medal holderRia TettelaarNetherlands26
14Gold medal holderjsmifUSA26
15Gold medal holderRon CainUSA26
16Silver medal holderGlynUK25
17Silver medal holderGemmaNetherlands25
18Silver medal holderMarlieNetherlands25
19Silver medal holderJason McNaryUSA25
20Silver medal holderYuri JoubertGermany25
21Bronze medal holderJulie StuckmeyerUSA23
22Bronze medal holdersarahUSA23
23 KhunangkaroThailand-Nederland22
24 OscarMéxico21
25 NasenbaerGermany21
26 sheilaUSA20
27 Neil SinclairCanada19
28 DanamarioCanada15
29 Thomas JaspersNetherlands15
30 CaidaCanada13
31 Miss UniversumGermany13
32 Yian Annette ChienTaiwan9
33 Gina HinesUSA7
34 Steve PowersUSA7
35 Robin CutlerUSA6
36 Chris RobinsonAustralia4
37 John PushnikUSA4
38 Pierre-Hugues CarmichaelCanada3
39 DianaBUSA3
40 MaryGUSA3
41 T O'DUSA1
42 ParaNetherlands1
43 MARLIENetherlands1
44 sheilaUSA1
45 MarilynUK1


Submission Rules

Scores are kept by email address. You can submit only a single answer for each puzzle and email address. Please check your email address and the solution carefully before clicking the Submit button. If, despite checking the email address 3 times, you still submitted the wrong email address, use the contact form to request a correction.

If you made a mistake submitting the solution, use the contact form if you want to try again. However, your incorrect entry will remain in the list for at least 24 hours. After this day of infamy, I will remove the incorrect entry and you can submit the correct solution. If you manage to mess up the corrected submission, too bad. Errors submitted in the last 24 hours before the deadline cannot be corrected.

I have been tolerant towards people using a secondary email address to correct errors. However, it is not fair towards people who work hard to make sure their submissions are correct. If you make an error, ask for it to be removed and accept the 24 hour penalty. Within 26 weeks you are back on top of the list.

These rules may change without prior notice.

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