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Are you one of the chosen few who have gained immortality for at least 26 weeks by appearing on this list? Check the list and find your submissions.

All times are GMT. Submission rules at the bottom of the page.

73April 8(34 entries)
72April 1(36 entries)
71March 25(39 entries)
70March 18(33 entries)
69March 11(33 entries)
68March 4(39 entries)
67February 26(38 entries)
66February 19(36 entries)
65February 12(31 entries)
64February 5(38 entries)
63January 29(38 entries)
62January 22(35 entries)
61January 15(35 entries)
60January 8(34 entries)
59January 1(39 entries)
58December 25(34 entries)
57December 18(36 entries)
56December 11(37 entries)
55December 4(40 entries)
431mTomas KollenUSACorrect
535mByron OkamotoUSACorrect
646mDon ParkerUSACorrect
748mSusan WarnerSwedenCorrect
859mJulie StuckmeyerUSACorrect
91h 07msarahUSACorrect
101h 25mSusanUSACorrect
113h 20mlynn893CanadaCorrect
124h 13mPeteTyUSACorrect
134h 20mGeorge SteinUSACorrect
144h 37mCaidaCanadaCorrect
155h 03mScott WarnerUSACorrect
165h 38mNeil SinclairCanadaCorrect
176h 58mslowhandBrazilCorrect
188h 53mHans SchmittenGermanyCorrect
199h 19mtamaraNetherlandsCorrect
2013h 52mSnekCzech RepublicCorrect
2114h 09mDanamarioCanadaCorrect
2215h 01mGlynUKCorrect
2315h 43mGemmaNetherlandsCorrect
2417h 26mBNorwayCorrect
2517h 50mMarlieNetherlandsCorrect
2618h 48mBrian RotherySwedenCorrect
2719h 01mJason McNaryUSACorrect
2819h 10mAngelaSpainCorrect
2919h 49mOscarMCorrect
301 day, 3h 10mRon CainUSACorrect
311 day, 10h 50mRia TettelaarNetherlandsCorrect
321 day, 14h 08mRaVexxSpainCorrect
331 day, 23h 24mThomas JaspersNetherlandsCorrect
343 days, 12h 57mNasenbaerGermanyCorrect
353 days, 20h 42mPrince CharlesNetherlandsErrors
364 days, 8h 04mYian Annette ChienTaiwanCorrect
375 days, 11h 01mKhunangkaroThailandCorrect
385 days, 23h 40mYuri JoubertGermanyCorrect
396 days, 15h 26msheilaUSACorrect
406 days, 22h 17mSteve PowersUSACorrect
54November 27(42 entries)
53November 20(43 entries)
52November 13(38 entries)
51November 6(39 entries)
50October 30(39 entries)
49October 23(40 entries)
48October 16(39 entries)
1 Gold medal holder NouggieUSA26
2 Gold medal holder Tomas KollenUSA26
3 Gold medal holder RyderUSA26
4 Gold medal holder Byron OkamotoUSA26
5 Gold medal holder Don ParkerUSA26
6 Gold medal holder slowhandBrazil26
7 Gold medal holder PeteTyUSA26
8 Gold medal holder jsmifUSA26
9 Gold medal holder Scott WarnerUSA26
10 Gold medal holder lynn893Canada26
11 Gold medal holder SusanUSA26
12 Gold medal holder OscarM26
13 Gold medal holder Hans SchmittenGermany26
14 Gold medal holder Ron CainUSA26
15 Gold medal holder George SteinUSA26
16 Gold medal holder Brian RotherySweden26
17 Gold medal holder NasenbaerGermany26
18 Gold medal holder Yian Annette ChienTaiwan26
19 Gold medal holder GemmaNetherlands26
20 Gold medal holder BNorway26
21 Gold medal holder Ria TettelaarNetherlands26
22 Silver medal holder GlynUK25
23 Silver medal holder sarahUSA25
24 Silver medal holder Susan WarnerSweden25
25 Silver medal holder Jason McNaryUSA25
26 Silver medal holder MarlieNetherlands25
27 Bronze medal holder AngelaSpain22
28 Bronze medal holder sheilaUSA22
29   Yuri JoubertGermany21
30   Julie StuckmeyerUSA17
31   Marilyn DorantUK16
32   KhunangkaroThailand15
33   tamaraNetherlands14
34   Jyothish B>India13
35   Neil SinclairCanada12
36   SnekCzech Republic12
37   E.K.Taiwan11
38   DianaBUSA10
39   Bruce AdkinsUSA9
40   Thomas JaspersNetherlands8
41   DanamarioCanada8
42   Steve PowersUSA8
43   CaidaCanada7
44   James G. MillerUSA7
45   RaVexxSpain6
46   HelenaSpain5
47   TiddlywinxUK4
48   Chris SluijterNetherlands4
49   Alan SkinnerUK4
50   Pierre-Hugues CarmichaelCanada3
51   Prince CharlesNetherlands3
52   Gina HinesUSA3
53   GrantUSA3
 73April 8Apr 9, 17:041
 72April 1Apr 3, 06:421
 71March 25Mar 27, 05:141
54   kidGermany2
55   MaryGEire2
56   T O'DUSA2
57   slowhandBrazil1
58   Bernd KohlenGermany1
59   Vo Ngoc HueUSA1
60   AlexejSlovakia1
61   Pierre-Hugues CarmichaelCanada1
62   Pierre-Hugues CarmichaelCanada1
63   OldTreeUSA1
64   Isabelle RollandFrance1
65   Miss UniversumGermany1
66   S.M.Farooq ZaidiUnited Arab Emirates1
67   m_b_metcalfUSA1
68   JesusSpain1
69   DanielRGermany1
70   Tony CameronAustralia1
71   Jyothish BIndia0

Czech Republic12112.0
United Arab Emirates111.0

Submission Rules

Scores are kept by email address. You can submit only a single answer for each puzzle and email address. Please check your email address and the solution carefully before clicking the Submit button. If, despite checking the email address 3 times, you still submitted the wrong email address, check the contact page to request a correction.

If you made a mistake submitting the solution, use the contact form if you want to try again. However, your incorrect entry will remain in the list for at least 24 hours. After this day of infamy, I will remove the incorrect entry and you can submit the correct solution. If you manage to mess up the corrected submission, too bad. Errors submitted in the last 24 hours before the deadline cannot be corrected.

I have been tolerant towards people using a secondary email address to correct errors. However, it is not fair towards people who work hard to make sure their submissions are correct. If you make an error, ask for it to be removed and accept the 24 hour penalty. Within 26 weeks you are back on top of the list.

These rules may change without prior notice.

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