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Join the Team!

I often call this my “pet project”, but I also happen to be a professional software developer. My software products SudoCue, SumoCue and HaniCue are number puzzle programs for the Windows platform with regular updates. I would like to call upon the user community to join our beta test teams. You can help improve the quality and the user friendliness of the software.
There is no catch. Join and leave the team when you like. These are the perks:

  • Notification of beta releases. Direct communication via email.
  • Access to restricted download areas. Be the first to play with new functionality.
  • Your enhancement requests go straight to the top of the “Cue”.

There is no pay, only play. Send me an email today if you like to play a part in this pet project of mine.

Scheduled Releases

SudoCue Version 1.5.0 : Official release August 5. User guide updates are in progress.

SumoCue Version 1.1.7 : First beta in test. Next beta released before August 7.

HaniCue Version 1.1.0 : Specs almost ready. Coding has not started yet.

The current Teams

These people have helped improve your puzzling experience. They deserve credit for their invaluable help. Many thanks on behalf of the user community.

The SudoCue Team

  • George, NJ3H

The SumoCue Team

  • Nate Dorward, Canada

The HaniCue Team

  • George, NJ3H
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