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This page shows you how to contact Ruud, the owner and webmaster of this site. Feedback plays an important role in keeping the quality of this website up to the highest standards.


The SudoCue User Forum has several boards dedicated to the software and the services which are offered on this site. Forum members can not only contact me, but also fellow sudoku addicts to exchange their views and experiences. If you have not yet registered as a forum member, click here to register. The registration procedure is really simple and will take you less than a minute. The forum is guarded permanently, so you will not be bothered with spam, abusive language or messages with a sexual content.

I am also a member of the following Sudoku forum (user name):


If you don’t like forums, then Spam-safe image. I have replaced the text with an image, so malicious collectors of email addresses cannot fetch it. This preventive measure saves me and my inbox a lot of trouble. And you only have to retype it once.

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