Daily Sudoku Nightmare


SudoCue offers you a Daily Nightmare Sudoku puzzle. This number 797, the entry for Sunday, February 17, 2008.

The difficulty will depend on the day of the week.
- Mondays and Tuesdays the focus will be on single-digit techniques. Expect finned fish, coloring and fancy patterns.
- Wednesdays and Thursdays uniqueness-based techniques are also possible.
- Fridays and Saturdays you may encounter several ALS, XY-Chain and 3D Medusa techniques.
- Sundays you will encounter the worst Nightmares. Anything goes.

If you prefer easier Sudokus, check out the lite page with 4 grades of daily puzzles. For those who like something inbetween, try the new One-Trick Pony, which only requires a single advanced solving step.

You can print this page or select the number string and paste it into a solver program that accepts this input.


The solution can be found in the archive tomorrow.

If you like to leave a comment about our Daily Nightmare, visit our User Forum.

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