Clueless Explosion


This page offers a dayly Clueless Explosion puzzle. There are 9 Sudoku grids which must be solved according to the standard rules. The cell in the center of each box has a blue color. Together, these cells form a 10th sudoku, in the same formation you see them on your screen. Each of the 9 Sudokus adds a 3x3 box to this central Sudoku. Solving these puzzles requires a lot more patience than usual. None of these 9 puzzles can be solved independently, so you need to use the interaction with the central Sudoku.

Keep in mind that each of the 9 Sudokus is also a Center-Dot Sudoku, because the 9 blue cells must also contain digits 1 through 9. If you need some assistence in handling this puzzle format, you can download the Clueless Helper, a program that can open these puzzles directly from this website. To check your results, go to the list of submissions.

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