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DotA Killer 3 -INSANE-

Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 6:44 pm
by h3lix
I thought I might expand my audience for these puzzles from the djape forums to the group here that seems to enjoy harder puzzles 8-) . This killer series I've started recently is based on characters from the online game Defense of the Ancients (DotA), with different variations based on the character's abilities.
Basically, this is a mashup killer sudoku series with mostly original variants. So far the puzzles I've made are very difficult and I hope to continue making them so.

Razor, the Lightning Revenant

PNG version


Chain Lightning
Razor casts a bolt of lightning that jumps across multiple targets. Each jump does less damage than the jump before it, so each cell has more remaining value than the one before it. The cells with a lightning symbol and a number are in increasing order with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest (R9C9 < R4C1 < R5C2 < R7C6 < R7C2).

Razor becomes considerably faster, but becomes more vulnerable. When this spell is active, he is able to do 40 hits to the cells with red dots on them. The (complex) sum of all of the cells with large red dots on them (R1C3,R1C5,R3C4,R4C2,R6C4) is 40.

Unholy Fervor
This passive ability increases Razor's health regeneration. When Razor executed 'Frenzy', he was standing on the cell with the brown square (R4C4). Since he was more vulnerable, he lost a considerable amount of health and healed by retreating to the cells with the green squares (R6C5 and R5C6). He passed each cell, in some order, having gained 2 additional health from when he was in the previous square. One of the cells with the green squares (R6C5 or R5C6) is equal to the value in the red square (R4C4) + 2. The other green square is equal to the red square + 4. You may be able to tell that this was the hardest ability for which to invent a rule.

Storm Seeker
Razor's ultimate spell passively strikes enemies with lightning from a storm overhead every few seconds. The cells being struck, which have a light blue background (R2C9,R3C7,R4C2,R6C4,R8C6,R8C8) all have different values.

Cages in Perfect Sudoku format, even though only 2 of the variants are even enterable in any solvers I've ever encountered.