Happy Thanksgiving!!

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Happy Thanksgiving!!

Post by enxio27 »

Happy Thanksgiving to all the other Americans here! I'm surprised that no one else is around today. I'm sure it's not a holiday for the rest of the world. Due to some work/family obligations today and tomorrow, we're actually celebrating on Saturday, so I'm spending today getting ready.

This year in particular, I'm thankful that my son survived a terrible car accident a few weeks ago, and is nearly completely recovered. (His car is another story. . .)
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Post by JLynn »

I just got back from my Thanksgiving festivities. Most of my extended family lives up here, and consequently I get not one but TWO full rounds of Thanksgiving dinner. I'll never eat again...until tomorrow.

Going to work in a couple hours, though. Ah well.
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Post by Marlie »

I wish you all a happy thanxgiving but i don't know precisely? what it is. I saw in the news that Bush did something with a turkey? Not eating this year?
Anyway i worked today as usual. :twisted:
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Post by nj3h »

There is a Presidential tradition that the President pardons a turkey every Thanksgiving.

Of course he couldn't bother to pardon two brave border guards who shot a drug smuggler in the butt coming across our border. They are both in jail for 11 and 12 years. Go figure.
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