Alias for 'boxes'

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Alias for 'boxes'

Post by lac »

We call them houses around here. Have no idea why.

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Post by nd »

I had come across the use of "house" to mean "row, column, or nonet" (i.e. any nonrepeating unit of the puzzle--so I guess the diagonals of an X puzzle are also "houses"). So, not identical in meaning to "box".
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Post by Pete »

houses does seem to mean a group of unique digits

boxes seem to be falling out of favor for nonets
this may have to do with jigsaws where the nonets dont have any resemblance to a rectangle

you may say latin squares have 18 houses

sudokus have 27 houses

center dot sudokus have 28 houses

sudokuX have 29 houses

lucky clovers
have 41 houses
note the 14 clues

as you add houses its somewhat obvious the number of clues for a unigue
solution go down

the how many question for latin squares was answered long before sudokus.

unique sudokus = 5,472,730,538

but these are the only ones ive seen counted

although i saw a jigsaw that had 8 clues.
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Post by nj3h »


The lucky clover looks like a a WinDoku and and asterisk puzzle put together. Perhaps another variant for the next version of SudoCue. Hint Hint

For the next version, please remember to highlight the asterisk and center dot cells for on-screen and printout solving.

Everyone at SudoCue Forum have a great weekend. I am going to visit my first grandchild, born two weeks ago tomorrow. He lives about 10 miles from here. It's about time he start learning sudoku solving, don't you think?

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