SudoCue - Killer Sudoku Links


I have a “select” collection of links to the best Killer Sudoku websites. There is also a page with Sudoku Links.

Killer Sudoku Guides

Killer Sudoku Solving Guide on this site
Wikipedia on Killer Sudoku

Killer Sudoku Tools

Killer Configuration Tables on this site

Killer Sudoku Forums

SudoCue User Forum on this site

Killer Sudoku Programs

SumoCue on this site
Killer Sudoku by Yoogi Games

Killer Sudoku puzzles online

Weekly Assassin on this site
Sudoku Online by Michael Mepham
Killer Sudoku Online

Use the contact form if you want a site added to this list. I cannot promise that your site will be added. This page is reserved for websites that I really recommend to my visitors, not just a simple link exchange.

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