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Published at Friday August 4, 2006

The documentation provided with the SudoCue program has been lagging behind with all the new and exciting developments. Many features of the program remained undocumented and you had guess how it works. Since most Sudoku players hate guessing, this has not been good for the reputation of the program. I have spent a serious amount of time on rewriting the manual and decided to publish it here on the site. The inline documentation will no longer be included in the next release.

Every part of the program has now been documented and a lot of background information has also been added to the guide. I have chosen a format that reads like a book, without too much disruptions from tables and lists of keys. The main outline follows the menu structure and the functions behind each menu item.

At the end, all additional dialogs and windows are explained in full detail. Everything you wanted to know about SudoCue but you were afraid to ask can now be found in the manual. User comments are appreciated. The user forum is the best place for feedback, but you can also contact me via email.

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