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The Learning Curve Collection

Published at Wednesday September 27, 2006

Are you bored of those easy Sudokus in the local newspaper, but not ready for the extreme challenges posted on this website? There is a remedy nearby: The Learning Curve collection.
This collection contains puzzles which gradually increase in difficulty, either because there are more techniques required or because the next step is harder to find.

The collection starts with puzzles that require line-box interactions, a few locked pairs or triples, and then progresses to naked and hidden subsets and finally some well concealed X-Wings. Not only the techniques advance, but the overall difficulty slowly increases. In SudoCue difficulty is measured by both the required techniques and the difficulty to spot them. With 2500 puzzles, you can spend months improving your Sudoku skills with this excellent collection.
Most puzzles in this collection will be rated moderate but this may vary depending on your solver settings. Happy puzzling!

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