SudoCue - One-Trick Pony


SudoCue offers you a daily One-Trick Pony Sudoku puzzle. This the entry for Tuesday, February 13, 2024.

These puzzles were selected for pure solving pleasure. To qualify as a One-Trick Pony a Sudoku must have:

  • No more than 6 initial singles to start with.
  • At least 3 non-basic steps, everything except singles and locked candidates, are in the solving path.
  • All but one solving steps are limited to singles, locked candidates, subsets, basic fish, UR 1 and BUG.
  • One advanced step. This is the One Trick. It can be anything except tabling.

If you prefer easier Sudokus, check out the lite page with 4 grades of daily puzzles. For a real challenge, try the Daily Nightmare.

You can choose to play this sudoku online, print this page or select the number string and paste it into a sudoku program that accepts this input.

One-Trick Pony


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