SudoCue Privacy Policy is a website privately maintained by Ruud van der Werf. That’s me.

I sincerely respect your privacy.

When you visit this site, your IP address, the website that brought you here, and some browser settings are recorded, so I can see how popular my website is. I keep this data for a month, after which the monthly totals are calculated and the details per visitor are deleted. If you have a problem being tracked this way, stop visiting any websites, including

When you become a member of our user forum, you must supply a valid email address. You have the opportunity not to show your email address to other members, through a profile setting. I have disabled many of the IM settings in the forum profile settings. This not only helps me recognize spammers, but it also protects your privacy. You should never provide such info on a public website. For your own protection, choose the option not to show your email address to other forum members. Spammers are scanning these forums to find email addresses. Don't let them catch you.

The forum software uses a cookie (a small file that is placed on your computer) when you indicate that you want your computer to remember your user name and password. This feature is not available when you have disabled cookies in your browser.

For our clueless special competition and similar services in the future, your email address is used as a means of identification. If you do not want me to save your email address, you better not join these competitions, but you'll miss all the fun. I'm not using your email address for any ulterior purposes. I will never publish your email address on this or any other website, nor sell it to third parties.

When you register your copy of the Clueless Helper, some data from the Windows registry is used to create a unique identifier for your computer. This is a one-way hashing method. I cannot obtain any information about your computer from the ID. Along with this ID, you are sending your name and email address. I need those to match your payment.

If you want your email address removed from my database, send me the request to be removed using that email address. When you have a forum profile with that email address, that too will be removed.

Read more on Internet Privacy in this Wikipedia article

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