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Welcome to the weekly Samurai Contest. Each Tuesday at 00:00 GMT there will be a fresh Samurai Sudoku on this page. If you're a list addict as well as a Sudoku addict, this is the place to be. For each Samurai you have a week to submit your solution and gain immortal fame by appearing on the contestants list. An archive of previous Samurai can also be found further down the page. If you want to fight your Samurai addiction, please visit the Samurai Rehab Center.

There are several difficulty levels, but for this contest, you will mostly see tough and hard Samurai. These can be solved with singles, line-box interactions, naked and hidden subsets and an occasional X-wing.

This is the solution for Samurai number 45 for Tuesday September 25, 2007.


From the Samurai archive

Number Date Rate  
80Tuesday May 27, 2008Hardpuzzlesolution
79Tuesday May 20, 2008Moderatepuzzlesolution
78Tuesday May 13, 2008Moderatepuzzlesolution
77Tuesday May 6, 2008Moderatepuzzlesolution
76Tuesday April 29, 2008Moderatepuzzlesolution
75Tuesday April 22, 2008Hardpuzzlesolution
74Tuesday April 15, 2008Moderatepuzzlesolution
73Tuesday April 8, 2008Very Hardpuzzlesolution
72Tuesday April 1, 2008Toughpuzzlesolution
71Tuesday March 25, 2008Hardpuzzlesolution
70Tuesday March 18, 2008Very Hardpuzzlesolution
69Tuesday March 11, 2008Toughpuzzlesolution
68Tuesday March 4, 2008Toughpuzzlesolution
67Tuesday February 26, 2008Toughpuzzlesolution
66Tuesday February 19, 2008Very Hardpuzzlesolution
65Tuesday February 12, 2008Very Hardpuzzlesolution
64Tuesday February 5, 2008Hardpuzzlesolution
63Tuesday January 29, 2008Toughpuzzlesolution
62Tuesday January 22, 2008Toughpuzzlesolution
61Tuesday January 15, 2008Hardpuzzlesolution
60Tuesday January 8, 2008Hardpuzzlesolution
59Tuesday January 1, 2008Hardpuzzlesolution
58Tuesday December 25, 2007Moderatepuzzlesolution
57Tuesday December 18, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
56Tuesday December 11, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
55Tuesday December 4, 2007Very Hardpuzzlesolution
54Tuesday November 27, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
53Tuesday November 20, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
52Tuesday November 13, 2007Very Hardpuzzlesolution
51Tuesday November 6, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
50Tuesday October 30, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
49Tuesday October 23, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
48Tuesday October 16, 2007Very Hardpuzzlesolution
47Tuesday October 9, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
46Tuesday October 2, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
45Tuesday September 25, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
44Tuesday September 18, 2007Very Hardpuzzlesolution
43Tuesday September 11, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
42Tuesday September 4, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
41Tuesday August 28, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
40Tuesday August 21, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
39Tuesday August 14, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
38Tuesday August 7, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
37Tuesday July 31, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
36Tuesday July 24, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
35Tuesday July 17, 2007Very Hardpuzzlesolution
34Tuesday July 10, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
33Tuesday July 3, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
32Tuesday June 26, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
31Tuesday June 19, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
30Tuesday June 12, 2007Moderatepuzzlesolution
29Tuesday June 5, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
28Tuesday May 29, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
27Tuesday May 22, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
26Tuesday May 15, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
25Tuesday May 8, 2007Very Hardpuzzlesolution
24Tuesday May 1, 2007Moderatepuzzlesolution
23Tuesday April 24, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
22Tuesday April 17, 2007Moderatepuzzlesolution
21Tuesday April 10, 2007Very Hardpuzzlesolution
20Tuesday April 3, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
19Tuesday March 27, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
18Tuesday March 20, 2007Moderatepuzzlesolution
17Tuesday March 13, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
16Tuesday March 6, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
15Tuesday February 27, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
14Tuesday February 20, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
13Tuesday February 13, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
12Tuesday February 6, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
11Tuesday January 30, 2007Moderatepuzzlesolution
10Tuesday January 23, 2007Moderatepuzzlesolution
9Tuesday January 16, 2007Moderatepuzzlesolution
8Tuesday January 9, 2007Toughpuzzlesolution
7Tuesday January 2, 2007Hardpuzzlesolution
6Tuesday December 26, 2006Hardpuzzlesolution
5Tuesday December 19, 2006Hardpuzzlesolution
4Tuesday December 12, 2006Toughpuzzlesolution
3Tuesday December 5, 2006Hardpuzzlesolution
2Tuesday November 28, 2006Toughpuzzlesolution
1Tuesday November 21, 2006Hardpuzzlesolution
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