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Welcome to the daily Samurai Contest. Each day at 00:00 GMT there will be a fresh Samurai Sudoku on this page. If you're a list addict as well as a Sudoku addict, this is the place to be. For each Samurai you have 24 hours (and a night) to submit your solution and gain immortal fame by appearing on the contestants list. The Samurai for the last week can also be found further down the page, but you can no longer submit a solution for them. Version 2.0 and higher of the Clueless Helper gives you access to the last 60 Samurai puzzles. If you want to fight your Samurai addiction, please visit the Samurai Rehab Center.

There are several difficulty levels, but for this contest, you will mostly see tough and hard Samurai. These can be solved with singles, line-box interactions, naked and hidden subsets, X-wing, Swordfish, Jellyfish and Skyscraper.

This is Samurai number 534 dated 2023-01-28, rated 41 and requires N2,H2,SK.


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From last week's Samurai archive

Number Date Rate  
585Monday, March 20, 202341 (N2,N3,SK)puzzlesolution
584Sunday, March 19, 202341 (N2,H2,F2,SK)puzzlesolution
583Saturday, March 18, 202341 (N2,H2,SK)puzzlesolution
582Friday, March 17, 202341 (N2,N3,H2,F2,SK)puzzlesolution
581Thursday, March 16, 202341 (N2,SK)puzzlesolution
580Wednesday, March 15, 202341 (H2,SK)puzzlesolution
579Tuesday, March 14, 202341 (N2,H2,SK)puzzlesolution
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