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Are you one of the chosen few who have gained immortality for at least 26 days by appearing on this list? Check the list and find your submissions.

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9342024-03-03(3 entries)
115h 00mgrzegorzPolandCorrect
215h 08m.ewka.PolandCorrect
316h 15mSusan WarnerSwedenCorrect
9332024-03-02(3 entries)
9322024-03-01(4 entries)
9312024-02-29(3 entries)
9302024-02-28(3 entries)
9292024-02-27(4 entries)
9282024-02-26(3 entries)
9272024-02-25(3 entries)
9262024-02-24(3 entries)
9252024-02-23(4 entries)
9242024-02-22(3 entries)
9232024-02-21(3 entries)
9222024-02-20(4 entries)
9212024-02-19(3 entries)
9202024-02-18(3 entries)
9192024-02-17(3 entries)
9182024-02-16(3 entries)
9172024-02-15(3 entries)
9162024-02-14(3 entries)
9152024-02-13(4 entries)
9142024-02-12(3 entries)
9132024-02-11(3 entries)
9122024-02-10(3 entries)
9112024-02-09(4 entries)
9102024-02-08(3 entries)
9092024-02-07(3 entries)
1 Gold medal holder .ewka.Poland26
2 Gold medal holder grzegorzPoland26
3 Gold medal holder Susan WarnerSweden26
4 Silver medal holder Brian RotherySweden6


Submission Rules

Scores are kept by email address. You can submit only a single answer for each daily Samurai puzzle and email address. Please check your email address and the solution carefully before clicking the Submit button, because corrections are no longer allowed.

I have been tolerant towards people using a secondary email address to correct errors. However, it will not bring you any ranking benefit, because ranks are calculated per email address. Keep solving these puzzles and within 26 days you are back on top of the list.

These rules may change without prior notice.

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