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SudoCue offers a daily X-File with a Sudoku-X puzzle. This the file for Sunday, March 3, 2024.

To my surprise, I could not find any websites that offered a regular Sudoku-X puzzle, even though this is one of the most popular sudoku variants. This gaping hole needed to be filled quickly, using the best quality Sudoku-X puzzles available. I found them in my own database. Complete the puzzle in such a way that all rows, columns, 3x3 boxes and the 2 diagonals marked in blue contain digits 1 through 9.

Each X-File has a Sudoku-X puzzle for the more experienced players. You can choose to play the puzzles online, print this page (if you don't care about the environment) or select the number string and paste it into a cool helper program.

To facilitate you using a Sudoku helper program, you can copy the number string below the puzzle and paste it into your program. Before you paste it, switch the program to the Sudoku-X variant. If you paste it as a regular Sudoku, you'll probably receive a warning that it has multiple solutions.


level: 24, techniques: CP

You can save a copy of this carefully crafted link to return to this specific X-File.

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