Daily Lite Sudoku


On this page you can play 4 different levels of easier Sudokus. Each day you will find fresh Sudoku challenges. Together with the solving guide, these puzzles will help you become a Sudoku Grandmaster, ready to take on the Daily Nightmare.

This Daily Lite for Sunday, March 26, 2023 is rated mild, which is probably tougher than the Sudoku in your daily newspaper.


Off 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ab


This page requires Javascript to use the helper functions. The script has been tested for Chrome + Edge, Safari, FireFox & Opera.

Click Check to see if there are any errors. These will be corrected, allowing you to continue.
When you’re not sure about a cell, type a question mark in it and click the Check button. The correct value will replace the question mark.

To enter pencilmarks, type multiple digits into a cell. The font automatically adjusts to fit the digits into the cell.
Use delete or backspace to remove these pencilmarks.

Click the Marks button to let the program fill or refresh the pencilmarks. Beware that a blank is added to single candidates.
Remove this blank to place the digit - the font will be enlarged.

Use the filter buttons on top to highlight cells with candidates for a particular digit, or cells with 2 candidates left.

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