SudoCue - Release Notes

Version August 26, 2007
The unavoidable Service Pack 1 on release 3.1.0.
  • Error in Sue de Coq technique fixed.
  • Copy RN and CN views to clipboard.
  • New Copy Tags menu option for copying strings to Sudoku forums.
  • Shortcut keys for fast switching between Normal, RN and CN views.
  • DLX validator ignores solving path limit when counting number of solutions.
  • Faster random puzzle generation.
  • Less memory usage for large collections of puzzles.
  • Solve Upto no longer causes error when called repeatedly.
Version August 22, 2007
Besides some fixes, this release has many new features to offer.
  • Error in Locked Candidates types 1 and 2 fixed.
  • Error in Tabling fixed.
  • Save As Game Progress (.sdx) is available when no moves have been made.
  • DLX validator has a higher threshold, so it does not reject valid variants with a high backtracking count
  • New variants Windoku-X and Clover-X.
  • Cool glass filter buttons available as an option.
  • Filter on pairs (Simple Sudoku style).
  • New default set of colors and a Restore Default Colors button.
  • Transpose the grid in RN (Row + Number) or CN (Column + Number) views. Many helper tools can still be used in these views.
  • Solve Upto executes solver steps upto requested level, when you want to skip easy parts.
Version Juli 21, 2007
Many moons have passed since the last release.
  • Fetch all daily puzzles from 5 popular websites.
  • Build your own sudoku collections.
    • Save in sdm format
    • Paste append
    • Paste replace
    • Append from other file
    • Delete puzzle from file
  • New variant implemented: Clover Sudoku (Asterisk + Windoku)
  • Improvements in the UI:
    • New menu styles
    • New Windows visual style support
    • Compact mode
    • Minimize to system tray
  • Version 1.1 of the Framework no longer supported. You need version 2.0
  • DLX and Status dialogs removed.
  • Performance of generator can be configured by the user.
  • Restore Defaults button added to Generator settings.
  • Drag & drop puzzle files or strings onto the program.
  • Paste strings with multiple puzzles into the program.
  • Canonicalize a puzzle or an entire puzzle collection.
Version December 8, 2006
The last version proved to be more stable than expected. This new release has a few nice enhancements.
  • Variant added: Center Dot Sudoku
  • Variant added: Asterisk Sudoku
  • Error in XY chain detection fixed. Chain no longer retraces its own tracks
  • Solving technique added: Skyscraper
  • Solving technique added: 2-String Kite
  • Solving technique added: Sue De Coq (generalized)
Version October 24, 2006
A lot of code has been rewritten for this version. Bugs are unavoidable. This version is a beta release.
  • Analyzer and log embedded in main window. Use F6 to show or hide it.
  • F7 now shows a random vague hint which only nudges you in the right direction without spoiling the fun.
  • Font size problems for higher DPI settings are resolved. Only the Analyzer needs some additional work.
  • Copy Log (short or long descriptions) added to menu.
  • LEDs correctly updated when a hint is given.
  • Play menu items enabled when SudoCue is opened by clicking a file.
  • No backslash added for a Sudoku opened from a website.
  • Save As always available in Play mode, also for Sukaku.
Version October 15, 2006
The changes for Sukaku introduced some unexpected errors. They have been fixed.
  • Paste candidate grid fixed.
  • Analyzer carried along to top when main window is brought to front.
  • Invalid puzzles continue to load if you insist.
Version October 12, 2006
Because the program could not handle the Sukaku possibility grids, I have changed it so it can paste (or open from SDX) puzzles without any givens. This may help you solve these next generation puzzles.
Version October 10, 2006
A few more bugs were reported on the user forum by helpful users. They have been exterminated. The bugs, not the users.
  • Control+Click to deselect a cell no longer causes an error.
  • Filtering on multiple digits using Control or Shift keys is possible again.
  • Save As no longer requires you to solve a cell.
  • 3D Medusa Coloring correctly reports the cells used in a complex. More highlight colors added.
  • Solver no longer confused by a Solve From Here request.
  • Cursor is now restored when no more hints are available.
Version October 4, 2006
  • Save progress works OK when candidates are initially disabled.
  • Popup menu allows you to make mistakes when not prevented by options.
  • Optimizer error fixed.
  • Restart no longer fails when a wrong entry was given before the restart.
Version October 1, 2006
A few extra wishes were granted and some internal code restructuring, making the program more robust.
  • List of recent files added to the menu.
  • Focus rectangle changed.
  • Redraw screen optimized. Less flickering.
  • Generator optimized. Puzzles are now found a lot faster.
  • Candidate highlights merge better with background.
  • Hourglass shown when program is busy.
  • Color palette can also be used with the Color tool.
  • When filter button is clicked with Ultra Color active, program switches to Color tool for that digit.
  • Menu correctly responds when an invalid puzzle is loaded.
Version September 27, 2006
After each major release, there is the unavoidable bugfix update. Well, here it is.
  • F12 (Solve all Singles) no longer causes an error when the puzzle is invalid.
  • Popup menu matches style and does multiple eliminations even when the main selected cell does not have it marked.
  • Font error for Options dialog fixed.
  • Program correctly switches to Play mode when requested for an invalid puzzle.
  • Error in control+click selection fixed.
  • Medusa Trap works a little more efficient.
Version 2.0.0 September 25, 2006
Version 2 of SudoCue. It had to happen sometime. There are many great improvements in the user interface that you will enjoy. Make sure you enable them in the Options dialog.
  • User-defined sizing replaced by 5 predefined sizes, from Tiny to Huge. All display elements, including the font sizes, are automatically adapted to each of these sizes.
  • Choose one of 8 different themes to match your mood of the day. The classic style is still available.
  • Hints use background colors for rows, columns and boxes, and highlighted pencilmarks when you have them enabled. Every solving technique is easy to learn with these new markings.
  • Multiple cell selection when asking a hint that affects multiple cells.
  • Validator now first verifies the validity of a sudoku before using solving techniques.
  • Several solving techniques have been optimized to deliver better hints and pick the best available alternative.
  • 3D Medusa coloring added to the solving techniques. Bivalue cells expand the color clusters across the digit boundaries. Four graded tricks allow you to fine tune the use of Medusa Coloring.
  • Print shows extra groups for variants.
Version September 9, 2006
  • 3 print alternatives: Original, current and current with pencilmarks.
  • Option to print sudoku at full page size
  • Maximum generation attempts limited to 9999 to avoid hanging the system.
  • Multiple cell selection. Fast elimination of candidates.
  • Skip the boring stuff: F12 to solve all singles
  • Fixed: Message issued when an unsolvable puzzle is opened from file
Version September 4, 2006
  • Program no longer gives an error when a correction is made in Setup mode. Overwriting an existing digit is now possible.
Version August 31, 2006
  • Fixed a bug in the (where else?) BUG technique.
  • Fixed an error that left too many candidates marked when loading a candidate grid or after ‘Solve From Here”.
  • When a save in progress is opened or when pasting a candidate grid, naked singles are recognized as such.
Version August 27, 2006
I had 2 new solving techniques planned for version 1.5.1, but they were not ready in time. Now they are.
  • Added Almost Locked Sets - XZ rule, a new powerful solving technique.
  • Added Empty Rectanges, a moderate solving technique that often avoids coloring
  • Fixed an error that hid vital info in the Analyzer window in some Windows display settings.
Version 1.5.1 August 25, 2006
Several issues reported by helpful users have been fixed. A new WWW interface is added.
  • Undo and Redo also available for pencilmark changes.
  • The daily competition sudoku at can be loaded from the menu.
  • Scrambler preserves integrity of sudoku variants.
  • When a cell is cleared, only directly affected candidates are restored.
  • Optimizer has been optimized. A maximum difficulty level can be given. Optimizer keeps other loaded sudokus intact.
  • A small cosmetic change in the Analyzer window.
Version August 11, 2006
An error with the Dancing Links solver for the Sudoku-X variant has been solved. Thanks to RW from Finland who reported this bug.
Minor error with the scrollbar on the Analyzer fixed.
Error trapping built into Save As code, because the Save dialog can throw an error on invalid file names.
Control+Click with Ultracolor tool propagation error corrected
Due to the fact that these are only a minor issues, the installer has kept the same name.
Version 1.5.0 August 5, 2006
This release is a Must Have.
Many issues have been resolved with the invaluable help of the beta testers.
  • The program now supports the popular variants Sudoku-X (diagonals), Windoku (NRC) and Disjoint Groups (DG).
  • Every solving technique has been adapted to recognize these variants. Some variant-only techniques have been added to the solver.
  • When a puzzle is saved in .sdk format, the variant type is saved in the file.
  • The behaviour of the generator is user configurable. You can set a limit to the number of generation attempts.
  • The old help HTML files are no longer distributed with the program. Instead, the help menu item links to the User Guide on this site.
  • Marks can be copied with curly brackets. This format is required by some programs.
  • “Copy Solution” places the solution on the clipboard, even when you haven’t completely solved the puzzle yet.
  • “Copy Merged” mixes the clues with the solution in a compact format.
  • Error fixed where user changes to difficulty limits were not properly saved.
  • Confirmation asked when window is closed in the middle of a game.
  • Score in Analyzer window corrected. It now matches the correct score on the status bar.
  • The Home key still restarts the puzzle, but now a confirmation is asked, in case you accidentally pushed it.
Version 1.4.1 July 22, 2006
Repaired some bugs that were left in the last version.
Select your own coordinate system. Row and column coordinates shown alongside the grid.
Generator no longer reports invalid sudokus due to disabled solving techniques.
When a hint is asked and the watch (filter) tool is active, it switches to the correct digit. (like Simple Sudoku)
Background color changes when completely solved. (like SumoCue)
Options can be changed without the need to load a puzzle.
New functions:
- Recalculate marks; will restore the marks to initial value.
- Solve from here; will rebuild the solving log with current placements and your disabled candidates.
All solver menu items moved to a new Solver menu.
New solving technique: XY-Chains. Nightmare players beware!
Focus rectangle is now thicker and better visible in combination with a hint.
Version 1.4.0 July 22, 2006
Major revision of program architecture. Setup and play modes separated.
Solver disabled in setup mode. Puzzle validated when saved or when switching to play mode.
Autofill can be customized for naked and/or hidden singles
Context menu with right mouse button to place or clear digits.
43 detailed solver tricks with description and links to online solving guide.
Reorder, disable, assign rating and difficulty level for each trick in the book.
Unique easy-to-spot tricks added: Unlocked single, locked pair and locked triple.
Many text and highlighting improvements for hints.
Option to start each game with pencilmarks visible.
(fixed in
Save and play accept invalid puzzles after confirmation
Save As has Sudoku Progress as default type when called from play mode
Save As no longer disabled
Puzzle rating added to status bar (filename moved to top) tooltip shows difficulty level.
Version 1.3.1 July 12, 2006
Filter buttons placed above the grid, default tool can be set by user
User defined difficulty ranges and custom level names for generator
No more pending tools. When activated with a single key, digit 1 is default
More customization options for the GUI: colors and pencilmark configuration
Aligned Pair Exclusions (APE) detected by solver
Quick setting buttons on solver option panel
Random symmetry selection for generator
Step solve function added: F11 = step, F8 = hint
Toggle candidates with Control+Digit, also works with numeric keypad
Copy image to jpg file removed. Copy image only to clipboard. Uses Shift+F12
Version 1.3.0 June 13, 2006
Finned fish of all sized detected by solver.
Generator and optimizer greatly improved and much faster.
9 Symmetry options and 2 difficulty options for generator.
Several reported bugs fixed.
New color and font options.
Braiding analyzer window added.
Version 1.2.0 March 9, 2006
BUG, Finned X-Wing and XYZ-Wing detected by solver.
Watch and Color tools can be combined with Markup tool.
Watch tool highlights multiple digits in AND and OR mode.
New Peers tool for a non-spoiling naked single search.
Hint and Log highlights changed to avoid confusion with coloring.
Analyzer shows detailed difficulty rating and solving path.
2 pens used to avoid confusion with pencilmarks. Pen 2 is erasable.
New tool to scramble current sudoku into a mathematical equivalent.
A few minor bugs have been fixed.
Version 1.1.7 January 17, 2006
Puzzles saved in .sdk files can now be saved with a URL to a source or related website. Test popup in analyzer removed.
Version 1.1.6 December 27, 2005
Support link and version check now use the new website.
Hint system improved. The program will show hints for placements and elimination of candidates. Same hint shown until user has placed the hinted digit or eliminated all indicated candidates. Complete solving of a sudoku handled by hints.
Clipboard handling more robust. No more errors when unexpected content found on clipboard.
Version 1.1.5 December 18, 2005
Several user wishes have been completed.
Progress can be saved in a .sdx file. These files contain filled cells and candidate markings.
Candidate lists can be pasted into the program. Copy was already possible.
Menu option to print a copy of the current puzzle on paper.
Press F11 to copy the puzzle with all visible tools to an image. Copy to .jpg file or clipboard.
Candidate markers can be initially set or cleared.
The About dialog has a link to this website and can perform a version check.
Menu option to classify the puzzle(s) of the currently open file into a .scl file. Can do a mass classification of puzzle libraries in .sdm files.
Version 1.1.4 December 13, 2005
This version is compatible with .Net Framework versions 1.1 and 2.0. Endless loop during creation of a random game has been fixed. Creation of a random game may take a little longer now. Download Windows Installer Package only. No unzip tool required. If you do not have the .Net Framework yet, download it here.
Version 1.1.3 December 6, 2005
Solver bug fixed. Subsets in columns now properly recognized. Timing error in UI fixed.
Version 1.1.2 November 13, 2005
Introduction of the Dancing Links Visualizer.
Documentation updated. Bug that caused crash on large strings in the clipboard has been fixed.
Version 1.1.1 November 11, 2005
The solver log now shows detailed explanations. Terminology standardized. Copy button for solver log.
Analyzer window now shows solving techniques (with count) used by the solver.
Log and Analyzer menu items grouped in a new View menu.
Dancing Links Nodes automatically updated by other techniques. DLX solver requires no more initialization.
A few minor bugs found and solved.
Version 1.1.0 November 10, 2005
New solving techniques: Uniqueness tests 1 through 4, Tabling.
Copy now with 3 modes: Clues only, all filled cells, All user-marked candidates.
When coloring a candidate in Ultracolor mode, Ctrl-Click to color the implication tree.
Version 1.0.2 October 24, 2005
Replaced the preliminary internal help screens with the HTML versions.
Some minor bugs were fixed.
The Statistics menu option was removed. It was for test purposes only.
Coloring now gives you a palette of 14 different colors, as well as 4 predefined colors used by the automated coloring tools. All of these can be changed in the Options dialog. Keys A-G and Shift+A-G can be used to select any of the 14 colors.
Version 1.0.1 October 22, 2005
Fixed the incorrect template exclusion hint, also calls the brute force solver after loading or pasting a sudoku that cannot be solved by the available human-style techniques alone.
Version 1.0.0 October 21, 2005
Initial release. Development started July 13, 2005
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