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SudoCue additional version

Published at Sunday August 27, 2006

I’m planning to leave SudoCue at this level for a while, and only do small fixes, so I can spend my precious time on the next release of SumoCue. The formal release 1.5.1 did not have any new solving techniques, but they were ready to be released. I needed to do a few more tests. Now they are ready. “Empty Rectangles” is a technique that many solvers can use, but “Almost Locked Sets - XZ rule” is a very powerful addition.

With these 2 new techniques, “Tabling” is only required for the most elusive sudokus. Others quickly yield to a few well chosen ALS tricks. I need to review my 50K collection, as many will be dropped from the list, maybe to appear as the next Daily Nightmare...

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